The Benefits of Living Net Zero

Immediate & Long Term Benefits of a Net Zero home renovation.


Consistent Temperatures & Overall Comfort.

A well insulated, air-tight home means that the temperature remains uniform throughout in the absence of drafts and leaks. With well insulated walls & triple-pane windows, your home is built to be air-tight, resulting in quiet, comfortable living conditions.

Clean Indoor Air

Net Zero homes are built air-tight, with fresh air provided through energy efficient mechanical systems free of outside pollutants and allergens. The fresh air can be controlled and filtered resulting in less dust and allergens in the air, and less opportunity for mold growth.

A Net Zero home renovation takes advantage of non-toxic finishes & materials along with fresh air systems reducing the chance for dust, moisture, mold & water damage.

The Result? A low maintenance, healthy living space.


Predictable and Dependable Energy Savings.

Imagine living with no energy bills. You will notice the difference on your monthly bills immediately as the costs of an energy efficient home is significantly lower than that of a standard home. With a zero energy home you can forget about fluctuating energy costs.

If you conserve more electricity than average, your zero energy home can generate more than you use, turning it into a positive energy home. You can use the additional energy to charge your electric car, bicycle, or electric yard equipment.

Reduced Environmental Impact.

An efficient heating & air-conditioning system, ventilation, and air-tight insulated renovation means you'll require far less energy to heat & cool your home. Even without the installation of renewable energy systems such as solar panels, a deep-energy retrofit can significantly decrease your environmental footprint.

With a complete Net Zero energy home renovation where energy is generated naturally, you can feel good knowing that your home is free from the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions that are typically associated with electricity production.