Solar Homes Inc.

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Emerald Award Infrastructure Finalist

2021 Alberta Emerald Awards

olar Homes Inc. designs and implements plans for homeowners to get their homes to Net Zero, helping homeowners achieve their goals of emissions reductions, improved comfort, or reduced operating costs. Read full article.

Closing the Gap

2021 Climate Symposium

Achieving our commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions is a journey that requires more than just technology and innovation. Watch the video

Peter Darlington, President at Solar Homes Inc.

BILD Talks

On this month's BILD Talks podcast, we chat with Peter Darlington, President of Solar Homes Inc. about his passion for net zero builds, how a net zero home can make positive changes to your life, and exciting projects he has worked on.

Getting Net Zero Ready

Building Excellence

As a renovator or builder, you may not be aware that housing is one of the largest contributors to our country’s energy consumption. Read the full story.

Calgary man eliminates energy bill with solar-powered home.

Peter Darlington runs Solar Homes Inc., a Calgary company specializing in renovating existing homes to Net Zero–a home that produces as much energy as it consumes. Net Zero might seem like a remote, ambitious target, but Darlington insists it’s more attainable than you might think. Read the full story.