What is Net Zero?

How to Achieve Net Zero in your home.


What Does Net Zero Mean?

A Net Zero Energy (NZE) house is designed and built to reduce household energy needs to a minimum and includes on-site renewable energy systems, so that the house may produce as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis.

An NZE home is not necessarily an “energy autonomous” house or “off-grid” house, as it can be connected to the electricity grid, so that it can supply electricity to the grid when it is producing more than it needs and draw from the grid when household demands exceed the amount of electricity produced on site. Taken over the year, the energy supplied to the grid balances the energy drawn from the grid, thus achieving net- zero annual energy consumption.

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Renovate your home to net-zero - it can be done!

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Have you ever dreamed of living in a Net Zero home? According to Peter Darlington, that dream may be closer than you think. In fact, you might already be living in your future Net Zero home.

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How to Achieve Net Zero in your Home

01. Energy Modelling

Energy modelling gives us the ability to make educated decisions about the effects of changing different variables (such as insulation thickness and solar array size) on the energy performance of your existing home, or of one not yet built.

Through a series of tests, our experts can perform a thorough energy audit of your existing home in order to find shortcomings that result in excess energy losses.

02. Building Envelope

Proper insulation, airtightness, as well as high-performing windows and doors are the key elements required to improve occupant comfort and to reduce your home's energy consumption.

With over 20 years experience in exterior contracting, the founder of Solar Homes Inc., Peter Darlington can guarantee a quality job on the exterior of your new or existing building.

03. Energy Efficient Equipment

Whether you are ditching the fuel-powered furnace for an electric heat pump, or installing a new solar generating system, our knowledge and connections in the industry mean that we can give you the best value for your investment.

Our experts will assess your heating load to ensure that the equipment is sized correctly for your individual needs.

04. Generate Renewable Energy

By including a way to generate renewable energy on site, your home can produce all the energy it requires throughout the year. By remaining connected to the electricity grid, you get the best of both worlds. You maintain reliable electricity service at times when your demand exceeds your production without the need for on-site storage, while getting paid when there is excess energy produced. Annually, in best case scenario's, the home owner may pay no net energy bill for their home and vehicle.